Harold Potter are industry experts and suppliers of used overhead cranes and second hand cranes.

Used Overhead Cranes

Harold Potter supply and install used overhead cranes and specialist crane systems for manufacturers and consutrction companies that require a cost effective solution to heavy lifting.

Who use our overhead cranes?

Most often a company will buy one of our used overhead cranes for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Companies who have existing overhead crane systems that need them updating, repairing or replacing outright.
  • Builders, merchants and manufacturers that outgrow their existing premises and need a new heavy lifting systems in their new premises.
  • People who wish to purchase reliable, heavy lifting gear at reasonable prices.

Cost-Effective Overhead Cranes

We recognise it's a tough climate for construction companies and manufacturers at the moment. In order to reign in their spending and increase profits they turn to us. If your current equipment isn't up to the task allow us to find you something that is.

Paying out for a spanking new crane doesn't always make business sense when there are pre-owned, used and reconditioned cranes availale that can do the same job that can save your business money and turned around faster.

Find the Right Used Overhead Crane for You

Harold Potter have a wide range of second hand overhead cranes for sale and we even offer a full modifications service that will tailor your used gear to your workspace in order to save you trouble or problems down the line.

Use the knowledge on this microsite along with our Guide to Buying Used Overhead Cranes site to help you buy the best heavy lifting gear for your company without the hefty price tag. Our expert team can offer you support and guidance so you can be certain your crane is safe, works and is up to the task in hand.

Used overhead crane - Balfour Beatty

If you want help finding the most suitable used overhead crane system for your business give us a call, tell us your requirements or at least some rough details and we'll happily give you our expert opinion as we help businesses make clever choices everyday.

(0115) 9838 111 - Harold Potter, Nottingham Office.